The Legal News: Hooper Hathaway Partner Named U.S. Magistrate

The Washtenaw County Legal News reported on December 4, 2014 that Hooper Hathaway partner Anthony Patti had been selected from a field of fifty attorneys for the position of United States magistrate judge. The appointment was announced by Judge Gerald E. Rosen of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. Patti called appointment the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, noting:

I really think it’s a position where I can serve people well—serve the public, serve the litigants appearing before me and serve the district court judges of the Eastern District of Michigan,” he says. “My particular skill set fits this job well, and I really love the law. I think my experience of 24 years in the practice of law and the broadness of my practice, both geographically and substantively, will be an asset as I serve those who appear before me, and the public in general.

Read the full article by Sheila Pursglove in the Washtenaw County Legal News.

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